This worm could whip your dog’s intestine into a frenzy.

What do they look like and where do they live?

  • Whipworms have a thick head end and a characteristic whip-like tail
  • The adults live in the large intestine and in the UK they only affect dogs
  • Whipworms embed their head end into the intestine, they damage the lining and feed on blood and tissue fluid

How can my pet contract whipworm?

  • Dogs become infected by eating eggs in the environment, that have been passed in the poo of infected dogs

How will this parasite affect my pet?

  • High burdens can cause symptoms such as diarrhoea
  • Infections may also cause anaemia and reduced growth in young dogs

Can this parasite affect my health?

There have been some instances where this parasite has affected humans, however this is extremely rare